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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

New superhero movies(2019) | Reviews,Downloads intersting facts|-pkresearcher

New superhero movies (2019)

New superhero movies of 2019 that might be the most successful new superhero movie in 2019 .today's date everyone first choice become the superhero movies. Because these movies provide more entertainment and thill one of the other movies.

Spider-man far from home

After the Avengers end the game, the last phase of MCU movie spiderman homecoming 2(spiderman far from home) will be released 2019 officially released in Japan. spiderman homecoming 2 is the series by Spiderman: homecoming by stan lee, Steve Ditko. And the companies that presented by the movie are Marvel Studios, Columbia Pictures.

Avengers end game

Finally released avengers endgame this movie is for all the Marvel fans and who doesn't even watch any  MCU movie who doesn't know what happened in the movie? But the movie is too awesome for all age group persons movie have a lot of comedy, emotions and wonderful action. So let's start the scene of the movie.

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The Dark Phoenix

The dark phoenix movie is the 12th the final movie of the 'X-men' franchise sponsored by Fox Studios and distributed by Walt Disney. The complete title of this movie is X-men Dark Pheonix. This movie is the sequel of X-men apocalypse that would b released in 2016.

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Captain Marvel

The marvel cinematic universe is a woman who are a female hero and a woman in her center that serves as co-director and writer. These are widely remarkable and encouraging achievements that can become a part of the culture popup museum, which is widely accepted by male stories and stories.

Hellboy 2019 


 Those who did not want to look at the new Hellboy Theater in the village will be able to relax in their room comfortable because the movie will be thrown into the Amazon Voice Video at the very beginning. A few months ago, Renaga's lens gate was destroyed in the theater and got out of the ugly, troubling problem.

Shazam! 2019

All our world - it just gives us some magic. In the 14-year-old Bill Button case, she is just an adolescent adult. Now a child in her heart, Shazam looks at her new version. But they should hurry before the evil doctor. Thadise Shihana Shazam can take on magical powers.

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joker movie


Joker movie with the main leading actor (Joaquin Phoenix) is the American physiological thriller film that is based on (DCEU) comics published by the Warner Brothers. The development of a standalone Joker film was confirmed in August 2017. Joker movie Tone mostly in dark as the dc always happened in these movies. It is the stand-alone movie only focus on Joker's story only. And most probably it is the origin of the joker.

Upcoming Marvel movies

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