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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Rage 2 review -pkresearcher

Rage 2 review

Rage 2 review

Rage 2  is the first person shooting game that b developed by the Avalanche  studious and id software.
Id software is also the developer of upcoming action movie doom eternal. Rage 2 released in may 14, 2019 Rage 2 released  Xbox one, ps4, pc globally, on the other hand, google stadia (new platform for gaming sponsored by Google) also interested but not any confirmation about their side. Rag 2  is an open world game in which characters be able to drive buggies like the vehicle, gyrocopter, etc. Rage 2 story based on the evil person just like an evil man killed everyone or he likes hunting like hobbies. The character in the game is like a mad man who wants nothing butt else fighting killing peoples destroy anything.


 Rage 2 gameplay

In the Rage 2 gameplay firstly the dangerous ugly faces useful landscapes. In rage 2 gameplay no character changed after a long The time of releasing studio has no changes in character. I Rage 2 gameplay sees the character who played the wild person. The mode of the game is a single player. players use walkers attributes such as gender, skills or attire.
weapons the character in this game he uses Monster trucks, laser bullet guns just like aliens
And a special boomerang which name in this movie is (wingstick) most dangerous weapon for the players.

Rage 2 review


My conclusion to see the trailer action of the Game is much good thrashing and explosives are good like real life feal. Graphics is also good in my view those users who like insane thrilling games this is the best for them In some countries RAge 2 not so much like .this thing makes game negative in my view. But I hope this game made a good collection an also like by the audience. So when it released to play the game And enjoy thanks!!

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