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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Aladdin new movie - pkresearcher

Aladdin new movie

Aladdin new movie - pkresearcher1

Aladdin's new movie is the magical, Adventures and fantasy the animated live-action movie which will b released in may 24, 2019 which will be released in 3d Dolby cinema & Imax Walt Disney studios. Its released date is replacing by the star wars rise in Skywalker

Aladdin trailer 2019


Aladdin trailer 2 

Aladdin Asks Genie To Make Him A Prince Scene - ALADDIN (2019) Movie CLIP HD

Aladdin new movie (Story changes)people things new trailer of an Aladin is full of copy of old Aladdin animated film And people also things that film is totally frame by frame But this rumor is not rotteted in Disneys because of new Disney Movies released which one is Dumboo and 2(Lion King ).

Aladin 2019 cast 

Will Smith(Jinnie) Mena massuad(Alladin) Noami Scott(Jasmin).First of fall talk about Famous actors will smith firstly rumor is that will smith does not work in the movie but when the final trailer is released all those who talk about will smith fake rumored. people things will smith not suitable for this legendary role. This type of rumors haters trolled Disney said this we will never see blue Jinni etc. But will Smith in front of fans and said we will see the blue (jinni) but we have some patients. At this trailer, haters trolled Disney and will smith said that the VFX of the movie is so weak and ugly.they also point out will smith that he is a bad idea of Disney's because of giving them this roll.

Mena Massoud

Aladdin new movie - pkresearcher1

he is the Arabian and Canadian actor born on 17 Sept 1991. He has also played many tv shows and plays .recently he became more famous because he plays a very famous character Aladin. Aladin is a ordinary boy whom very poor suddenly his life change becuase of coincident matters. Mena massoud play the role in new Aladin movie first when people saw his new look of Aladin they dont like it but recenlty trailer when released He look very well and peopl also apreciat his acting and his look.

Marwan kanzari 

Aladdin new movie - pkresearcher1

Aladdin new movie - pkresearcher1

Marwan Kanzaki is Duth acter he also worked in many English and Dutch movies. recently he worked in an animated live-action movie in Aladdin. He played the role of Aladin enemy in the film according to him he is very thankful to Disney gave him this role . Marwan kanzari role in Aladin is (Jafar) with a dangerous look.


After the see trailer of Aladdin new movie, I recognized that this the best story but not enough best that I and other fans expect. VFX of the Aladdin new movie good but not too good that u feel real (jinni)as imagined in the animated cartoon film. But I will say this film is really enjoyable to go with your family and enjoy this film I hope to enjoy it when u see this thnku !!.  

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