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Friday, April 19, 2019

Dark phoenix movie-pkresearcher

Dark Phoenix movie

Dark phoenix movie

The dark phoenix movie is the 12th the final movie of the 'X-men' franchise sponsored by Fox studios and distributed by Walt Disney. The complete title of this movie is X-men dark Pheonix. This movie is the sequel of X-men apocalypse that would b released in 2016. X-men dark Pheonix is the story of mutants that have some special powers which they can b used for world protection but in these franchise X-men not too much revealed. Almost X-me dark Pheonix  is delayed for one year and so many reshoots finally movie released in June 7,2019

x men dark phoenix trailer

To see the trailer the first impression in front of the audience the story of the start of young jean grey and young Charles. Firstly time travel revealed to see the trailer of. X-me dark Pheonix movie. Because to see the young Charles the story of the movie looks like 1997 because of the Charles also as a look of previous movie   X-men apocalypse. And the next highlight of the trailer is young jean appears .in the movie might be most revealed her origin story and most of her flashback scenes. most of the scenes would be after the movie X-men days of future past. Also, the movie story is officially based after the ten years of X-men apocalypse mean 1997. 

Dark phoenix movie

Dark phoenix movie
movie for Fox. The next step of the trailer is jean went to the lab where 'hank mackoy' studied on the jean grey background whispering of 'mystique and Charles' readout that Charles does something with the jean grey 'said' this that does this is necessary. After this, we know something about 'Pheonix' what is Pheonix?.

Pheonix is the entity in comics that control the mind of humans. But this phoenix force is the inner power of jean grey which she does not handle so strongly in the movie. In the next scene, the trailer looks at it some familiar X-men such as (Mystique, Quicksilver, storm, and Charles) anyone did not wait for X-men character but Quicksilver scenes are so awesome and interesting watch it of course. A Charles 'said' the Pheonix power which jean grey do not control much because of his. Next scene all the X-men stand in the front of jean grey gray which she uses her power and destroys cars. 

Interesting  there are some close-up shots of young jean grey and interestingly background music was listening song' this is the end' most probably the this the last movie of X-men movie but maybe the Fox those who are hungry because according to deal with the dine-fox this is the last

Dark phoenix movie

Next X-men appear a black bird ship which confirms that we saw, of course, the touch of space and also appears that the main villain of the movie is not from the because she manipulated many times of jean grey. The most shockingly we saw the funeral of a mystique that would be died because of dangerous jean grey. The last and final scene of the trailer shows the full power of Pheonix of jean grey the power is to this end that Charles this dangerous in his cerebellum. And the end the jean grey is fully transformed his'dark Pheonix look.

Dark phoenix movie


The movie is so dramatic and full of action who like the action or mutant power this movie is for those persons. In most power vfx is used. The main character of the movie jean grey is very focused when most of the character Charles and magneto are here. The most shocking thing is that the cameo of Wolverine is not included this is a little bit disappointing. But in the end the trailer is Good and the scene also Go for watch movie because maybe it is the last movie of X-men franchise. thanks!!

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