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Friday, April 26, 2019

Avengers endgame | full movie review, download HD dual audio |-pkresearcher

Avengers endgame 

Finally released avengers endgame this movie is for all the Marvel fans and who doesn't even watch any  MCU movie who doesn't know what happened in the movie? But the movie is too awesome for all age group persons movie have a lot of comedy, emotions and wonderful action. So let's start the scene of the movie. In the first scene, we see tony stark in the space with no food water for surviving and he has a partner in the ship she was nebula that makes help tony start that they would back to the earth.
Avenger end game

 But both  not have too much idea  that they back to the earth .on the other hand in earth remaining Avengers don't know what happened with Avenger on space they discussed each other. While discussed they heard some noise from the sky they get out from the avenger to headquarter and see on sky a thunder light with spaceship .they see captain marvel that they back iron man ship back on the earth. Avengers see this moment relaxed with hope. After reached the tony stark on earth he was so tired and weak he was not want to fight anymore. tony stark wants to see her baby and wife pepper potts and go home. But Avengers not know what happened in the next. Captain Marvel, Thor, Captain America, and the nebula have too much anger on Thanos specially nebula and Thanos because they lost their families. 

So Avengers decided to fight with Thanos again and bring the infinity stones back.So they ready suited up and go for a fight with Thanos. Thanos who was hurt too much after fighting with Avengers on earth. captain marvel goes with them and guiding them on the earth on the other hand tired Thanos farming on his planet plugged some vegetables for their lunch. After reached his home avenger arrived suddenly and attacked Thanos badly. 

Avenger end game

Thonas did not recognize the situation not to answer the attack of the Avengers. Avengers grab the Thanos and thor cut down his hand but there are no infinity stones on his hand. To heard this THor too much anger and cut down his head. And Thanos died after these avengers disappointed for not having the infinity stones that they bring back whole world and remaining Avengers. They came back on earth.
Five years later

Story started after five years the world half population has vanished every one has lost their friends, family, etc. Avengers leave an avenger tower and settled their lives on earth. Suddenly Ant-man(Scott) back out from the Quantum realm and he did not know what happened on the earth he didn't know where his family Gone but his daughter alive he Was so stunned to see his daughter. Ant-man tells the avenger that we back to the past and changed the future. Avengers think about that and back to the Tony Stark. Butt tony refuged said that he was so tired and he could not any fight more. 

Captain America willed tony stark said that they could nothin without him. But tony refuged these proposal avengers came back headquarters and decided to back to the past. Avengers also found Hawkeye he decides to be back to the past to see his family. And they succeed also. They back to the past and divided with six teams to bring back to the infinity stones. avengers first travel to the in their first fight In NewYork where they find tesseract. But they lost tesseract.

They travel in different plants to find the infinity stones and they also, succeed. But the black widow lost her life to bring back one of them an infinity stone. Thanos which find the nebula and see his future and know what happened in the future with him. So he kidnapped the future coming nebula and theft the nanoparticle formula when Avengers came back on future Thanos and his army also came on future while chasing avengers. Avenger makes a glove that holds the overall power of the infinity stones. After ready, the glove there want to wear it but at that time he drunked and tony stark didn't recommend to wear it So Hulk came front and wear the glove. 

Avenger end game

HULK wear the glove but power of it is too much but the mission of bringing back to the Avengers is almost accomplished. So Thanos came with his army and attacked avenger tower. After this, All Avengers came together with a great spirit and fight with Thanos army and the last Iron man wear the glove of infinity stones and vanished Thanos and his army. But as u know Stark is the human and he can't absorb the too much energy after some time he died. And last All heroes together in Stark funeral and wish him good.


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