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Sunday, September 8, 2019

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |


Every makeup lover has this heartbeat. And they would learn how to fix broken blush. You come up with an expensive palette of eye shadows that you just spent a good chunk of your payment squeezes out of your hands and bam! Your prized eye shadows are scattered throughout your bathroom.
But there is hope - no need to dump it in the trash while Carrie Mathison was still bitten. You can push the pallet back together again, and it's surprisingly easy to do. All you need is a rub of alcohol, a small container of Tupperware, a spoon and a piece of cloth or paper towels. And thanks to a Reddit user called Earworms, we have a step-by-step guide on how to repair a broken palette:

Repeating the pressure may make your product sold nice and new, but will it still show up the way it does on continuous days? Cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller says yes and no. "Compressed dust cakes combine two things: oils that act as an adhesive to hold particles together, and the pressure that is applied to metal rods during the manufacturing process," he explains. "You can reconstitute how to fix broken blush a broken compressed powder cake with alcohol, but it is only a temporary, cosmetic solution. The cake will look as good as new, but it will not be subject to shock and vibration and new compressed powder. he compression ratio of the production process is necessary to prevent the cake from falling again. "And when you give the powder, Schueller says, 'the alcoholic method could affect the way the product goes to the face,' but that 'would be better than penetrating the product.' We say try before giving up hope and removing the pallet in the trash. If it doesn't work then we won't judge if you lose some tears.


Broken powder makeup (powder, eyelashes, or blush)

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Combine all the broken for how to fix broken blush pieces of makeup in its original container, and crush the whole thing (even the parts that can't be broken).

Sometimes when in a hurry, you accidentally touch a blush container or powder and eventually fall and break. If it's like this, it must be very annoying, because you can no longer use it, and the blush that is destroyed will definitely be scattered and cause dirty everywhere. Are you adding to the problem?

Rubbing alcohol (high density, good- I used 70)

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Add a few drops of alcohol dirt to the compact, and dry it. Use your finger, the back of a spoon, or something, really, to rub and smooth the makeup down. I used my finger for how to fix broken blush (which is still 10 hands wash slowly!), But I found that placing a piece of plastic wrap on top of the makeup and then smooth the makeup with a plastic wrap if the mixture was still very dry, then a little more alcohol. Add, and rub again.

 After completely crushed, pour with a little alcohol, mix evenly. Add enough alcohol until it becomes thick. Spread with a spatula until the surface becomes solid and smooth again. Clean the blush scattered on the edges of the container. Allow drying. Alcohol will evaporate by itself and make a solid blush again. Well, you can use your blush again as you can. No need to buy new again right

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Apparently there is an easy way to repair for how to fix broken blush damaged palette. The ingredients are quite easy to find, such as:
VHS paper Tissue Spatula/spoon Alcohol to taste Broken cosmetic palette The trick is also very easy, namely: Remove the contents of the palette from the container and place it on VHS paper Crush on top of the VHS until it becomes a fine powder/powder After it is destroyed you can return the powder to the palette little by little Flatten the surface slowly using a spatula and tissue Pour alcohol little by little. 


Plastic wrap (optional, but keeps your fingers cleaner!)

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Once all of your makeup is smooth again, all you have to do is wait, especially overnight. The alcohol is dry, and once your makeup is back to normal, and the alcohol smell goes away! The next day my blouse was perfect, and you can never guess that it was a horrible mistake the previous day!

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Later the alcohol will evaporate with the aim of hardening and uniting the contents of the palette with the container After hardening, press again with a tissue to flatten and absorb excess alcohol If it's evenly distributed, allow it to dry for 15 minutes and you can close the container. Well, how easy is not it? You don't need to bother to buy a new one. Good luck!


how to fix broken blush without alcohol

Before you get acquainted with the simple mysteries of restarting a broken pack or any other similar product (powder, blush, illuminator and so on) I will tell you how I got into this situation and ... how & who helped me get out of it with a smile on my lips. Yesterday I faced an existential problem of blondes (I admit). And he found out almost all of my facebook list about this and about the pursuits that followed. I recently took a magnetic pallet to arrange in it all the mono bales that I bought over time from Melkior, being uncomfortable using them in separate boxes and also occupying a lot of space in the wallet. And ... trying to get me to remove the first pill from the individual packaging ... I dusted it. Initially, I tried to remove the metal disk with the baler using a cutter, but it took only one wrong move and I removed the baler. 

  • Place the plastic on the eyeshadow, mash the eyeshadow with the handle of a butter knife until smooth.

  • Put a little alcohol on the eyeshadow to look wet, but do not let the eyeshadow flooded. 

  • Place a piece of tissue on top of the eyeshadow. 

  • Take a coin or box-shaped iron, place it on a tissue and squeeze the eyeshadow. This method will make the eyeshadow back solid. Do not immediately close the eyeshadow box, leave it open for a while to dry it. 

 Dry Nail Polish

Dry nail polish doesn't mean it can't be used anymore. Melt the nail polish by boiling a little hot water, if it is already boiling, turn off the stove. Place the nail polish bottle on the hot water and let it sit for one hour. 

For mascara and liquid eyeliner that dries, can be diluted by dripping eye drops or baby oil little by a little while stirring using a toothpick until you get the desired texture.

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